When Eurovision Goes Horribly Wrong

5 Goes To Eurovision | When Things Go Horribly Wrong

Executive Producer
1st TX: 6th May 2018, 9pm Ch5.
Narrated by classic Eurovision presenter Angela Rippon, this 3 hour special romps through over 60 years of contest gold to unearth the moments that went horribly wrong.
Eurovision is the ultimate ‘event TV’ and through the years, it has both united and divided Europe. When it goes right, it’s high camp smothered in glitter. But when it goes wrong, in front of an audience of millions, it can be edge-of-your-seat high drama! From lyrics that didn’t quite translate into English, to winners who missed their cues. From big hair, to bad rapping; we’ve collated the best of the worst moments in one 180 minute spectacular.
There are funny and sometimes jaw-dropping first-hand accounts from the people who were there, including Eurovision trio Belle & the Devotions who recall being booed by the crowds in Luxembourg in 1984. Singing sensation Sonia relives being pipped to the post to take the crown in 1993 and the heartache that she felt. Plus, there’s a rare interview with vintage Eurovision name, 1957’s Denmark entry Birthe Wilke, as she reminisces about a passionate kiss that ruined her chances of taking the top spot on the scoreboard.
Interviewees include our biggest and best-loved Eurovision acts; Brotherhood of Man, Cheryl Baker, Dana, Lindsay Dracass, Scooch, Nicki French, Andy Abraham, Jay Aston and Kate Robbins.