When Kids TV Go Horribly Wrong

When Kids TV Goes Horribly Wrong

Executive Producer
1st TX: 29th May 2017, 9pm CH5.

This nostalgic romp through classic kids TV cock-ups, features all the favourite shows like Ant, Dec & Cat's SM:TV Live, Tiswas, Blue Peter, Rainbow, How 2, Going Live and Saturday Superstore - plus hilarious and sometimes shocking first-hand accounts from the stars that were there including Sarah Greene, Sally James, Pat Sharp, Andi Akinwolere, Gaz Top, Toby Anstis, Rainbow's original 'Bungle' and legendary Blue Peter Star Valerie Singleton.

Scary puppets, rampant animals, inappropriate behaviour and unpredictable kids are just some of the mishaps that have shocked, confused or left viewers howling with laughter.

Highlights include Valerie Singleton's near-fatal flit with flames when a campfire in the Blue Peter studio burned out of control next to a group of girl guides, Bungle actor John Leeson recounts how kids hid behind the sofa, unable to bear Rainbow's original Bungle and veteran presenter Sarah Greene reveals which Going Live guest announced to the audience of children that she was wearing no knickers!

Former Live and Kicking host Andi Peters narrates.